Current Issue #51, 2017 =51
Alexandru Polgár:
Social Distribution: Past And Future (?)

It’s Not Enough To Project Films:
A Methodological Handbook For Social Distribution Of Films

In Solving Role – It’s Not Enough To Project Films:

In Solving Role – It’s Not Enough To Project Films:
(A film by Sebestyén Kodolányi on Social Distribution, 2014 – subtitles)

(A Film by Sebestyén Kodolányi and the Independent Theater Budapest, 2014–2016 – subtitles)

The Films Of Social Distribution

In Solving Role – Film Programs, Documentary And Methodological Films Related To The Topic

Simona&Ramona (AKA Claude&Dersch):
Almanac 2017

# cosmism:

Andrey Shental:
Repatriation Of The Universe

Arseny Zhilyaev:
Avant-Garde Museology: Toward A History Of A Pilot Experiment

Anton Vidokle:
Citizens Of The Cosmos, script for a musical based on a manifesto by Alexander Svyatogor

Nikolai Fedorov:
The Art Of Resemblance: (Of False Artistic Regeneration) And The Art Of Reality (Of Real Resurrection): Ptolemaic And Copernican Art

Valerian Muraviev:
The Conquest Of Time (A Short Extras)

Alexander Bogdanov:
“Immortality Day”

# Stoyan Dechev: Sculptor Selection By Stoyan Dechev:
Avant-Garde: A Short Series Of Text Fragments On Bulgarian Related Topics: History, Science, Politics, Architecture And Art.

George Crîngașu:
Scratch Card

Alexandru Polgár:
Prospects Of The Struggle: A Conversation with Oliver Ressler

Peter Waterman:
My Re-Re-Revolutionary Childhood: Autobiographical Fragments

Peter Waterman:
A Spectre Is Haunting Labour Internationalism, The Spectre Of Communism

Peter Waterman:
Trade Union Internationalism In The Age Of Seattle

Peter Waterman:
Needed: A Global Labour Charter Movement

Peter Waterman:
Five, Six, Many New Internationalisms! (Eight Nine Reflections On A Fifth International)