Current Issue #49, 2016
the editors:
Erdély’s Pedagogy

Annamária Szôke & Sándor Hornyik:
Summary. Creativity Exercises, Fantasy Developing Exercises (FAFEJ) and Inter-Disciplinary-Thinking (InDiGo). Miklós Erdély’s Art Pedagogical Activity, 1975–1986

Miklós Erdély:
Creativity And Fantasy-Developing Exercises

Topic: Poetry.:
A discussion of the InDiGo group about an exhibition to accompany Miklós Erdély’s Poetic avant-garde lecture in Pécs. 7 November 1979

A Discussion Of The Indigo Group For The Journal Mozgó Világ. 22 November 1981:

Claudiu Cobilanschi:
Monument Tropes

Ciprian Mureșan:
The Dark Knight Returns

Ilona Németh (coord.):

Manuel Pelmuș:
A Personal Collection Of Performative Political Gestures

Diana Marincu, Alexandru Polgár :
M (A Discussion)

Ion Dumitrescu:
Within The Body Of A Bodyguard (You Are Safe With Me)

Cristian Nae:
In The Shadow Of The Great Father. Remembrance and Reflexive Nostalgia in Tatiana Fiodorova’s Artist Books

Cristian Rusu:
Brief Digression On Subcultures

Norbert Costin:
glove – the making exist – of a sculpture the doing of making

Grandmaster Flash:
The Message

Roxanne Shanté:
Independent Woman

Public Enemy:
Revolutionary Generation

Eric B & Rakim:
Casualties Of War

The Coup:
Ride The Fence

2Pac :

Mos Def:

Mod Def:

Immortal Technique:
The Fourth Branch

Immortal Technique:
The Third D

Brother Ali:
Every Day

Alexandru Polgár:
Pax Siiriana?

Claude Karnoouh:
The Salt Of The Earth

Bahar Kimyongür:
Intervention At The Conference On Syria Held At The Palace Of Nations In Geneva On The Side Of The 22nd Session Of The Un Human Rights Council

Bahar Kimyongür:
The Anti-Syrian Terrorism And Its International Connections

Bruno Drweski:
Syria At The Center Of International Contradictions

Georges Corm:
Arab Contemporary Political Thought: Secularist Or Theologist?