Issue #35, 2010
Ivan Illich:
The Sco­pic Past and the Ethics of the Gaze: A Plea for the Historical Study of Ocular Perception

Ivan Illich:
Guarding the Eye in the Age of Show

Ivan Illich:
The Loudspeaker on the Tower: Belfry and Minaret*

Șerban Savu:
No Train Coming

Maja & Reuben Fowkes:
Reclaiming Lukács: Interventions in the Archive of a Marxist Philosopher

Bogdan Ghiu:
For a Resubjectification of the East

Raluca Voinea:
Work, memory and a better future. An Interview with Matei Bejenaru by

Krisztina Szipőcs:
Over the Counter

X-raying the Landscape of our subzistence: the Center for Visual Introspection:
An Interview with Anca Benera, Arnold Estefan, Cătălin Rulea and Alina Șerban by Daria Ghiu

Marcel Janco:
When Attitudes Become Multitudes. An Interview with Donelle Woolford by

Roland Schöny:
Perspectives in the Era of Flexibility

Joanne Richardson:
At the crossroads of art and activism

Vienna University/Academy of Fine Arts Vienna:

(battle campus: against the neo-liberalization of the university)

Bogdan Ghiu:
Crisis of the University, Crisis of the Society

Edu-War in Progress:
The Actuality and its History

George Caffentzis:
University Struggles at the End of the Edu-deal*

George Caffentzis:
Throwing Away the Ladder: The Universities in the Crisis*

Silvia Federici:
Education and the Enclosure of Knowledge in the Global University

Manifestos, Appeals, Work Manners and Work Documents:

Réseau Europe –
The Commodification of Knowledge: Bologna Process – Lisbon Strategy
Discussion Paper to Education Movements Worldwide,
Discussion Input Paper for the Alternatives Summit: Ideas for a Different Education and Society
What is the European Education Congress?
Joint Statement for the Global Wave of Action for Education this Fall
Global Wave of Action for Education

The Invisible Committee:
The Coming Insurrection