Issue #33-34, 2009
Ovidiu Ţichindeleanu:
“The mask is our entryway to collective being.”

Pedro Lasch:
What Are We Before We Are Naturalized? A Journal of Non-Linear Activity From the Naturalizations Series(2002 – ongoing)

The Most Beautiful Day of My Life

Maria Eichhorn:
Prohibited Imports (2003, 2009)

Cristian Nae:
What’s New on the Eastern Front? Performance Art and the Nostalgia for Cultural Resistance

Helga Just Christoffersen:
“Which layer is possible to (re)work next in a State of Control?”

Magda Radu:
Essential Particles1

The Self-Criticism Sessions:
Raluca Voinea in a Conversation with Claudiu Cobilanschi and Ștefan Tiron

Jerry Herron, John „Bileebob“ Williams, Kerstin Niemann & Danielle Aubert:
Rediscovering the city: Perspectives in and outside of Detroit

Silke Baumann & Reinhard Pelger:
No Sense and No Care: On the Exhibition Labor: Sense and Care

Niels Van Tomme:
Wage for Work. An Interview by

Ben Davis:
9.5 Theses on Art and Class

Marion von Osten, Peter Spillmann,Teresa Swieckowska & Kuba Szreder:
Knowledge-based economy and its losers

Pedro Lasch:
EVO in Istanbul. A Proposal for the 11th Istanbul Biennial, 2009

Bogdan Ghiu:
Crisis, Anti-Crisis, Counter-Crisis: Let's Be Pragmatic!

decolonial thought

Ovidiu Ţichindeleanu:
Transition, Decolonial Thoguth and the Critical Theory of Postcommunism

Aníbal Quijano:
Coloniality of Power, Eurocentrism, and Latin America

Walter D. Mignolo:
Coloniality: the darker side of modernity