Issue #36-37, 2011
Brian Holmes:
Recapturing Subversion: Twenty Twisted Rules For The Culture Game

Brian Holmes:
The Absent Rival: Radical Art In A Political Vacuum

Brian Holmes:
Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover: Exit Strategies From Liberal Empire

Brian Holmes:
Invisible States: Europe In The Age Of Capital Failure

Brian Holmes:
Continental Drift: From Geopolitics To Geopoetics

Eduard Constantin:
Blue Sky 2010

Mircea Cantor:
Holy Flowers

Ciprian Mureşan:
The Paintbrush Factory: Snapshot (Diapositives From One Year Of Existence)

Elena Crippa:
Education, Subjectivisation And The Urgent Need To Share

Marcel Janco:
Use Value. An Interview With Claire Fontaine By

Inti Guerrero:
Play Van Abbe: The Museum In The 21st Century; Or On How To Be “Museologically Subversive” And Still Get Away With It

Edit András, Hedvig Turai:

Astrid Wege:
Shockworkers Of The Mobile Image

Fabio Akcelrud Durão, Flavia Trocoli:
Objectifying Failures In The Last São Paulo Biennial: The Cases Of Nuno Ramos And Gil Vicente

Tom Chamberlain:
Time Waster

G. M. Tamás:
Marx On 1989

G. M. Tamás:
Communism On The Ruins Of Socialism

Mike Davis:
The Political Economy Of Late-Imperial America

Mike Davis:
Planet Of Slums – Urban Involution And The Informal Proletariat

Mike Davis:
Fear And Money In Dubai

Mike Davis:
A History Of The Car Bomb