Issue #38, 2011
Bogdan Ghiu:
Ecosophy, “The New Ethico-Aesthetic Paradigm“ of the Political

Felix Guattari:

The Three Ecologies

Pavel Brăila:
Chisinau, a City Difficult to Pronounce

Cătălin Gheorghe:
The Critical Regionalism of Iași: Art in Arriere-garde

Nonchalance: An interview with Lucie Fontaine by:
Marcel Janco

Raluca Voinea, Iulia Popovici:
From 1001 Nights to the Social Arena: On Farid Fairuz and his Tales

Elena Crippa:
The Writing of the Performance. Tim Etchells, Cally Spooner and Melanie Wilson

Soup for Improvement: An interview with:
Juha van’t Zelfde

Hanna Alkema:

Empire of Signs

Ovidiu Țichindeleanu:
The Author of the Autobiography of Nicolae Ceaușescu

Bogdan Ghiu:
The Subalternative (the Film-Politics)

Andrei State:

Cutting History: Andrei Ujică's Film

Adrian T.Sîrbu:
The Celluloid Mausoleum or the Autofiction of the Political in its Presentation
Remarks on the Autobiography of Nicolae Ceaușescu: 
a Film by Andrei Ujică

Stuart Aarsman:

„I’m Telling You Stories. Trust Me.“ an interview with Ioana Nemes by

Navid Nuur:
‘Untitled’, 2007–2011

Alexandru Polgar:
Das Man / Class Struggle / Middle Class:
 Complaints Choirs and their Lyrics

Ovidiu Țichindeleanu:
Enclosures and Commons: Yet Again, for New Beginnings

Midnight Notes:
Introduction to the New Enclosures

Silvia Federici:
The Reproduction of Labour-power 
in the Global Economy, Marxist Theory 
and the Unfinished Feminist Revolution

Silvia Federici:
Feminism and the Politics of the Commons

George Caffentzis:
The Future of “the Commons“: Neoliberalism’s “Plan b“
or the Original Disaccumulation of Capital?