Issue #39, 2011
STEALTH.unlimited (Ana Dzokic & Marc Neelen):
Cities Log: the Struggle for Common Space

Marjetica Potrc:
Pattern Protects and Rural Practices, Future Strategies

Marta Jecu:
Con-Fusion: The Venice Biennale 2011

An Interview with Ying-Bo by Marcel Janco:
Ying-Bo: A Tale in Two Parts

An Interview with Adrian Paci by Diane Amiel:
The Suspended Time

Cristian Nae:
“Un Certain Regard...”: The Post-Communist Condition and the Absent Community

Corina L. Apostol:
The Politicized Women of Soviet Era Posters

Assembled by Miguel Rojas-Sotelo and Raúl Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet on behalf of the group on Decolonial Aesthetics:
Decolonial Aesthetics: Collective Creative Practice in Progress

Răzvan Botiș:
One Way

Ella Shohat, Robert Stam:
Formations of Colonialist Discourse

(arab spring: in passing from riots to revolution)

Bogdan Ghiu:
Letter to the Young Arab Constituents

Georges Corm:
When the “Arab Street" Serves as Model to the North

Alain Badiou:
Tunisia, Egypt: when an Eastern Wind Sweeps Away the Western Arrogance

Mostafa Omar:
Egypt’s Unfinished Revolution

Tarak Barkawi:
The Globalisation of Revolution

James Petras:
Roots of the Arab Revolts and Premature Celebrations

Santiago Alba Rico:
The Arab Revolutions and Campist Politics

Perry Anderson:
On the Concatenation in the Arab World

Ovidiu Ţichindeleanu:
For a Critical Theory of Post-Communism