Issue #45, 2014
Ovidiu Țichindeleanu:
Luis Camnitzer: A Synthesis Of The Commitment To Art With A Commitment To A Better Life

Luis Camnitzer:

Dan Mihălțianu:
Liquid Economy: Production/Consumption/Alienation

Diana Marincu:
“Always a Step Away from Art“

Tobi Maier:
How To Fight For Things That Don’t Exist

Alexandru Polgár in Conversation with George Crîngașu:
Art In The Age Of Informational Redundancy

Gerardo Montes de Oca Valadez:
Dissent And Certainty

Cristian Nae:
Counter-Monuments, Precarious Sculptures And Ephemeral Choreographies, Or What Is To Be Done Against The Resurrection Of Fascism?

Alexandru Polgár in Conversation with Szilárd Miklós :
Performance As An Object Of Artistic Research

Iulia Popovici:
The Moldavian Dream: Nicoleta Esinencu’s Engaged Theater

Amy Bryzgel and Corina L. Apostol:
Reflections On Artistic Practice In Romania, Then And Now

Flaviu Rogojan:
Exhibition Views

Amy Bryzgel:
Continuity And Change: Performance Art In Eastern Europe Since The 1960s

Ovidiu Țichindeleanu:
After Dussel: The Critical Beginning Of Philosophical Modernity Between Las Casas And Guamán Poma

Enrique Dussel:
Anti-Cartesian Meditations: About The Origin Of The Philosophical Anti-Discourse Of Modernity