Issue #47, 2015
archive – critical discourse in Hungarian contemporary art:

János Sugár:
Solidarity With The Context

Miklós Erhardt:
To Leave And To Stay: Observations On The Relationship Between Contemporary Art And Criticism

Gábor Andrási:
Deepsea Fishes: Modernity As Antiquity In Hungarian Contemporary Art

Csaba Nemes:
The Social-Political Commitment Of Hungarian Art After The 1989 Regime Change

MIhuț Boșcu:
A Film on Strategy

Gábor Andrási, coordonator:
A Survey after the First OFF-Biennale from Budapest: Alternative, Hope and Chances for Survival

Raluca Voinea:
Politics, Entertainment And Ways Of Dissent (Or How Contemporary Art Is A Better Investment)

Alexandru Polgár:

Miklós Erhardt:
Your Survival Is Guaranteed by Treaty: Ciprian Mureșan’s Exhibition at The Ludwig Museum, Budapest

Daria Ghiu:
Installation: In Search Of The Materiality Of The City

Alexandru Polgár in Conversation with Valentina Vetturi:
Alzheimer Café

Tímea Bakk-Dávid:
Who Draws The Short Straw? On The Social-Political Context Of An Artistic Project On The Topic Of Wood Industry

Andreea Ciobîcă:
Solid Illusion/Access Into Disappearance

Ovidiu Țichindeleanu:
From the Alternative Library to the Claca Center: Steps Towards A Re-composition of the Left. An Interview with Victor V.

Raluca Voinea in Conversation with Mihaela Drăgan and Mihai Lukacs:

Raluca Voinea in Conversation with Carmen Gheorghe:

Ovidiu Țichindeleanu:
Pedagogy of the Greek Case: Fundamentals of Taking Anti-EU Position

Panagiotis Sotiris:
Greece: Social Struggles, Political Crisis and the Challenges for Left Strategy

Panagiotis Sotiris:
The Left and the European Union: On the Need for an Anti-Euro and Anti-EU Position

Panagiotis Sotiris & Despina Koutsoumba:
Creating Laboratories of Hope: Rethinking the Question of Organization Today

Panagiotis Sotiris:
Greece: the Euro, Sovereignty and the State as Stakes of Left Strategy