Issue #48, 2015
Romanian Artists Union - entries for a case study:

Magda Radu:
The Romanian Artists Union Between “Systems“: Contradictions, Divisions And Breaks

Discussion Conducted by Raluca Voinea and Igor Mocanu :
An Interview With Petru Lucaci – The President Of The Romanian Artists Union

Magda Predescu:
The Participation Of The Romanian Artists Union In International Organizations. Case Study: The International Association Of Art (Aiap

Timotei Nădășan in Conversation with Miklos Onucsan:
“Our Story Can Be Written By Us, But The Others Are Always More Numerous”:

Igor Mocanu:
Some Contemporary Narratives On Association

Adrian Guță Answers a Questionnaire by Daria Ghiu:
The Arta Magazine. A Short History

Simona Dumitriu:
The History Is On Nettime: The Journeys Of Atelier 35

Liliana Basarab & Tuomo Väänänen:
Walls/The Unseen

Adrian Schiop:
The Rap And The Manea: The History Of A Collision

Iulia Popovici:
The House Of The People From Prisons

Anna Smolak:
The Possibility Of An Island: Notes On Armenia From The Venice And Istanbul Biennials

Cristian Rusu:
Estonia Has (Already) Been Unified Through A National Performance

Diana Marincu:
History, In Fact, Never Repeats Itself

Vlad Basalici:
Passing Through Sensations

Péter Molnár :
The Efficient Cause Is The Archive

Creativity Exercises – Spaces Of Emancipatory Pedagogies:

Cristina David & Ana-Maria Machedon:

Ovidiu Țichindeleanu:
Stolen Histories, Rewritten Histories: The Museum And Modernity. An Argument

Walter Mignolo:
Museums In The Colonial Horizon Of Modernity: Fred Wilson's Mining The Museum (1992)

Madina Tlostanova:
A Salt Box And A Bracelet Conversing With A Painting: Decolonising A Post-Soviet Museum In The Caucasus

Clémentine Deliss:
Collecting Life's Unknowns

Walter Mignolo, Jette Sandahl:
The Future Of Ethnographic Museums: Mignolo And Sandahl In Conversation

ghettoization and racialization of poverty: Pata-Rît, Cluj:

Alexandru Polgár:
Four Interviews:

Enikô Vincze

Hajnalka Harbula

Simona Ciotlăuș

Vlad Mureșan