Issue #22, 2005

Evening news
Szabolcs KissPál

(director’s version)

At the basics of the following image series is the postperceptual effect.

The “inertia“ of the eyes has been studied by many researchers of the nineteenth century, creating the theorethical and objectual conditions of the illusion of motion picture, which led to the contemporary technics of moving images.

Nowadays the meanings of moving pictures is constructed both by our perception and the power structures that surround us. In the case of this project the tehnique of looking refers to the first, the content to the second.

The movie thus becomes a psychophysical construct, that can be “developed“ by fixing your gaze – from a distance of appr. 40 cm – on the small coloured spots on the left page for 40 seconds, then suddenly moving your eyes on the opposite white page. Then the movie starts...


Szabolcs KissPál (1967) based in Budapest.

Studies: 2001 DLA Budapest; 1997–­98 Academy of Fine Arts Budapest, Dpt. of Intermedia 1993–94 Academy Of Fine Arts Budapest, Dpt. of Painting 1992 Academy of Visual Arts Cluj – MA degree; 1986–1992 Academy of Visual Arts Cluj.

2004 Nomination for Nam June Paik Award. 2002 Henkel Youth Artist Prize, SY stipendium, Nykarleby.

Selected solo exhibitions: 2005 Gallery Van Gelder, Amsterdam; Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest; Liget Gallery, Budapest; HAL – (Gage Festival Kingston Upon Hull). 2004 KvadraT Gallery, St. Petersburg; Gallery By Night, Studio Gallery, Budapest (with Beate Ratmayr). 2003 Gastateliers KulturKontakt Austria, Vienna; Vár Gallery – Duett, Tîrgu-Mureș. 2002 Közelítés Gallery, Pécs.

Selected participations: 2005 Loop Festival, Barcelona; Art in the Age of New Technologies, Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art; Active Image, NCCA, Moscow; Softmanipulations, Roxy Arthouse, Edinburgh; For Some Reason, Maerz Gallery, Linz; Longtime, Trafó Gallery, Budapest. 2004 3rd Seoul Media Art Biennial, South Korea; Too Far, Too Close, IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna; Freedom Borders, Gallery Van Gelder, Amsterdam; EU Positive, Akademie der Kunst, Berlin. 2003 Poesis, Kunsthalle, Budapest; ID, Vaasa, Finland; Peripheries become the center – Prague Biennial. 2002 Vision, Kunsthalle, Budapest; Unstable Narratives, HartwareKunstverein, Dortmund; On my way to Timbuctoo, IFA – Berlin/Bonn; KMKK (with Julien Maire), Budapest. 2001 Mind The Gap, Studio Gallery, Budapest; Climate, Kunsthalle, Budapest; Context – 49. Venice Biennial, Romanian pavilion; Media Model, Kunsthalle, Budapest; Unplugged, Tîrgu-Mureș; Alapzaj 7, Dunaújváros; Kurskurrektur-Qualitätsicherung (with G. Winter), Staadtbucherei + IFA Stuttgart; Solitude in Museum (K. Sander), Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart. 2000 Intermedia/Inventions/Innovations, Kunsthalle, Budapest; New Topics, Kunstverein Neuhausen, Stuttgart. 1999 Toot Festival, HTBA, Hull; Break 21 International Festival of Young Independent Artists, Ljubljana; Perspective, Kunsthalle, Budapest. 1998 Root Festival, HTBA, Hull; Inter/Media/Art, Ernst Museum, Budapest; Aritmia, ICA, Dunaújváros.