Issue #26, 2007

Science of the Will
Szilard Miklos

Szilárd Miklós was born in 1981, lives and works in Oradea and Cluj. He studied art at University of Art and Design, Cluj, 2000–2004.

Recent exhibitions (selected): 2006 After the War Is Before the War, Studio Protokoll, Cluj; Secondhand Perfume – Twin Eyes Project, Altart Foundation, Cologne-Cluj. 2005 Jardín de tomates, cebollas, perejil, pepinos, calabazas, cogollos, acelgas, borrajas, public intervention in Huesca, Spain during Okuparte Festival; The Root Sign (Urban Radical) Altart Foundation, Cluj; Home Gallery, a 1st Person Shooter performance, Home Gallery 2020, Bucharest. 2004 Wearable Sound, sensor suite (, performance at Protokoll Studio, Cluj, during Display 1 event; Site Specific Video Installation (with Vilmos Koter, Dénes Miklósi and Tihamér Török), Tranzit House, Cluj; Re:location, Cluj-Luxembourg, invited by Vera Weisgerber and Cosmin Pop, Casino de Luxembourg; The Longer the Break the Bigger the Succes, Re:location Cluj-Linz, invited by Markus Seidl.

In 2004 he established the on-line publishing platform Conset ( In the same year, he co-founded the Julesz Community (with Dénes Miklósi). Currently works as assistant lecturer at the PKE University, Oradea, Fine Arts Department.