IDEA #48

Romanian Artists Union - entries for a case study

The Romanian Artists Union Between “Systems“: Contradictions, Divisions And Breaks
Magda Radu

An Interview With Petru Lucaci – The President Of The Romanian Artists Union
Discussion Conducted by Raluca Voinea and Igor Mocanu

The Participation Of The Romanian Artists Union In International Organizations. Case Study: The International Association Of Art (Aiap
Magda Predescu

“Our Story Can Be Written By Us, But The Others Are Always More Numerous”:
Timotei Nădășan in Conversation with Miklos Onucsan

Some Contemporary Narratives On Association
Igor Mocanu

The Arta Magazine. A Short History
Adrian Guță Answers a Questionnaire by Daria Ghiu

The History Is On Nettime: The Journeys Of Atelier 35
Simona Dumitriu

IDEA #47

archive – critical discourse in Hungarian contemporary art

Solidarity With The Context
János Sugár

To Leave And To Stay: Observations On The Relationship Between Contemporary Art And Criticism
Miklós Erhardt

Deepsea Fishes: Modernity As Antiquity In Hungarian Contemporary Art
Gábor Andrási

The Social-Political Commitment Of Hungarian Art After The 1989 Regime Change
Csaba Nemes

IDEA #46
For A Local Institutional Critique

In Search Of A Common Identity: Zona Festival – Eastern Europe
Ileana Pintilie

Periferic – A New Retrospective
Matei Bejenaru

Kinema Ikon – A Permanent Experiment
Ileana Selejan

Magma – Contemporary Medium: From Concept To Cleaning
Attila Kispál

IDEA #45
Luis Camnitzer: A Synthesis Of The Commitment To Art With A Commitment To A Better Life
Ovidiu Țichindeleanu

Luis Camnitzer

IDEA #44
Sharing Voices
Jean-Luc Nancy

IDEA #43
Devoratio Critica, Emeticism: The Difficult Actuality Of Anthropophagy
Bogdan Ghiu

Oswald de Andrade

IDEA #42
Alexandru Polgár

Twenty Lessons On Art (Fragment)

IDEA #41
The One-Eyed Man and The One-Armed Man: Camera, Culture, and The State
John Tagg

IDEA #40
Aby Warburg: Practice and Theory of Art. Introduction
Andrei State

Artistic Exchanges Between North and South in the Fifteenth Century
Aby Warburg

Aby Warburg: His Aims and Methods. An Anniversary Lecture
E. H. Gombrich

Aby Warburg and the Nameless Science
Giorgio Agamben

IDEA #39
Cities Log: the Struggle for Common Space
STEALTH.unlimited (Ana Dzokic & Marc Neelen)

IDEA #38
Ecosophy, “The New Ethico-Aesthetic Paradigm“ of the Political

Bogdan Ghiu

The Three Ecologies

Felix Guattari

IDEA #36-37
Recapturing Subversion: Twenty Twisted Rules For The Culture Game
Brian Holmes

The Absent Rival: Radical Art In A Political Vacuum
Brian Holmes

Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover: Exit Strategies From Liberal Empire
Brian Holmes

Invisible States: Europe In The Age Of Capital Failure
Brian Holmes

Continental Drift: From Geopolitics To Geopoetics
Brian Holmes

IDEA #35
The Sco­pic Past and the Ethics of the Gaze: A Plea for the Historical Study of Ocular Perception
Ivan Illich

Guarding the Eye in the Age of Show
Ivan Illich

The Loudspeaker on the Tower: Belfry and Minaret*
Ivan Illich

IDEA #33-34
“The mask is our entryway to collective being.”
Ovidiu Ţichindeleanu

What Are We Before We Are Naturalized? A Journal of Non-Linear Activity From the Naturalizations Series(2002 – ongoing)
Pedro Lasch

IDEA #32
A rehearsal for revolution? Three Accounts of Politicised Spectatorship
Claire Bishop

On Modern Theater
Bertolt Brecht

Theater of the Oppressed
Augusto Boal

The Emancipated Spectator
Jacques Rancière

IDEA #30-31
On Language As Such And On The Language Of Man
Walter Benjamin

On Paintings, Signs And Marks
Walter Benjamin

Little History Of Photography
Walter Benjamin

The Author As Producer
Walter Benjamin

As a Post-Scriptum
Adrian T. Sîrbu

IDEA #29
Sign And Symbol In Hegel's “Aesthetics”
Paul de Man

Art And Philosophy
Alain Badiou

Aesthetics And Its Discontents
Jacques Rancière

IDEA #28
Criticism Without Crisis: Crisis Without Criticism
Boris Buden

Notes On Institutional Critique
Simon Sheikh

The Institution Of Critique
Hito Steyerl

The Enterprise Of The Art Institution In Late Capitalism
Nina Möntmann

Instituent Practices: Fleeing, Instituting, Transforming
Gerald Raunig