IDEA #48
Stolen Histories, Rewritten Histories: The Museum And Modernity. An Argument
Ovidiu Țichindeleanu

Museums In The Colonial Horizon Of Modernity: Fred Wilson's Mining The Museum (1992)
Walter Mignolo

A Salt Box And A Bracelet Conversing With A Painting: Decolonising A Post-Soviet Museum In The Caucasus
Madina Tlostanova

Collecting Life's Unknowns
Clémentine Deliss

The Future Of Ethnographic Museums: Mignolo And Sandahl In Conversation
Walter Mignolo, Jette Sandahl

IDEA #47
From the Alternative Library to the Claca Center: Steps Towards A Re-composition of the Left. An Interview with Victor V.
Ovidiu Țichindeleanu

Raluca Voinea in Conversation with Mihaela Drăgan and Mihai Lukacs

Raluca Voinea in Conversation with Carmen Gheorghe

IDEA #46
Experiences Of Local Activism – Cluj

People’s School Of Contemporary Art
Alexandru Polgár in Conversation with Dénes Miklósi

Tinerii Mînioși [Angry Youth]
Alexandru Polgár in Conversation with Alex Boguș

Acasă [ A T Home]
Adrian T. Sîrbu in Conversation with Simona Unumeda

La Terenuri – Common Space Mănăștur
Adrian T. Sîrbu in Conversation with Lala Panait and Silviu Medeșan

IDEA #45
Continuity And Change: Performance Art In Eastern Europe Since The 1960s
Amy Bryzgel

IDEA #44
Terror And Utopia Of Form: Robert Bresson’s Au Hasard Balthazar
Michael Haneke

Violence and the Media
Michael Haneke

The World That Is Known. An Interview with Michael Haneke
Christopher Sharrett

Unsentimental Education. An Interview with Michael Haneke
Roy Grundmann

IDEA #43
Slavoj Žižek

Srecko Horvat

Slavoj Žižek

IDEA #42
Black Europe Body Politics: Testimonials Of An Event
Dossier Realized by Alanna Lockward, Prepared for IDEA arts + society by Ovidiu Țichindeleanu

IDEA #41
Notes on the Exploitation of Poor Artists
Hans Abbing

Artleaks – A Virtual Utopia for the Precarious Culture Workers
Annette Schemmel

Gaining Reality: A Few Lines Full of Hope About Art Getting Approached by Capital
Ovidiu Țichindeleanu

Joy Forever
Neil Cummings

IDEA #40
Promissory Notes: From Crisis to Commons
Midnight Notes Collective and Friends

IDEA #39
Formations of Colonialist Discourse
Ella Shohat, Robert Stam

IDEA #38
Das Man / Class Struggle / Middle Class:
 Complaints Choirs and their Lyrics
Alexandru Polgar

IDEA #36-37
Marx On 1989
G. M. Tamás

Communism On The Ruins Of Socialism
G. M. Tamás

IDEA #35
(battle campus: against the neo-liberalization of the university)

Crisis of the University, Crisis of the Society
Bogdan Ghiu

The Actuality and its History
Edu-War in Progress

University Struggles at the End of the Edu-deal*
George Caffentzis

Throwing Away the Ladder: The Universities in the Crisis*
George Caffentzis

Education and the Enclosure of Knowledge in the Global University
Silvia Federici

Manifestos, Appeals, Work Manners and Work Documents

The Commodification of Knowledge: Bologna Process – Lisbon Strategy
Réseau Europe – reseau-europe.eu

Discussion Paper to Education Movements Worldwide

Discussion Input Paper for the Alternatives Summit: Ideas for a Different Education and Society
http://spring2010.eu, http://bolognaburns.org/about/alternative-summit

Edu-War in Progress. Actualitatea și istoria ei

What is the European Education Congress?

Joint Statement for the Global Wave of Action for Education this Fall

Global Wave of Action for Education

IDEA #33-34
Crisis, Anti-Crisis, Counter-Crisis: Let's Be Pragmatic!
Bogdan Ghiu

IDEA #32
Argument: The Presence of Football
Ovidiu Țichindeleanu

Football As The Last Total Art (1982)
Horst Bredekamp

To Play With That Which Plays With Us. About the Physical and Metaphysical Origins of Sport between Greek Stadium and Roman Arena
Peter Sloterdijk

Football As Nucleus of The Public Sphere
Ovidiu Țichindeleanu

New Leading Edge of Culture
Marius Babias

The Football-World – Common Object
Bogdan Ghiu

IDEA #30-31
(presences of art)

Re-Reading Benjamin’s “Author As Producer” In The Post-Communist East
Boris Buden

Relinked Excerpts From The Essay (My) Artist Self
Bogdan Ghiu

The End Of The Avant-Gardes And The Triumph Of The Market: Aesthetic Values And Social Values In Late Modern Times1
Claude Karnoouh

For An Alienating Art
Vlad Morariu

On Contemporary Art: An Updated Discussion
Remo Guidieri

IDEA #29
Marx And I After The Bourgeois Revolution

Culture, Left Wing Subculture, And Universal Counter-Cultural Criticism In The Arena Of Legitimacy (Or Something About The Concrete Conditions Of A Critical Practice)
Adrian T. Sirbu