IDEA #48

ghettoization and racialization of poverty: Pata-Rît, Cluj

Four Interviews:
Alexandru Polgár

Enikô Vincze

Hajnalka Harbula

Simona Ciotlăuș

Vlad Mureșan

IDEA #47
Pedagogy of the Greek Case: Fundamentals of Taking Anti-EU Position
Ovidiu Țichindeleanu

Greece: Social Struggles, Political Crisis and the Challenges for Left Strategy
Panagiotis Sotiris

The Left and the European Union: On the Need for an Anti-Euro and Anti-EU Position
Panagiotis Sotiris

Creating Laboratories of Hope: Rethinking the Question of Organization Today
Panagiotis Sotiris & Despina Koutsoumba

Greece: the Euro, Sovereignty and the State as Stakes of Left Strategy
Panagiotis Sotiris

IDEA #46
Topics Of Struggle
(A. P.)

Une Promesse De Bonheur: Philosophy As The Antecedent Of The Nether World Of Communism
G. M. Tamás

The Apotheosis Of Lacking Alternatives: How Civism Has Become Irrelevant For The Cause Of Social Progress
Ovidiu Gherasim-Proca

The Position Of Critical Theory In Eastern Europe
Ágnes Gagyi

Parallel Lives: Party Left, Principled Left And The Absent Society
Alex. Cistelecan

IDEA #45
After Dussel: The Critical Beginning Of Philosophical Modernity Between Las Casas And Guamán Poma
Ovidiu Țichindeleanu

Anti-Cartesian Meditations: About The Origin Of The Philosophical Anti-Discourse Of Modernity
Enrique Dussel

IDEA #44
The Ontological Difference And Political Philosophy
Reiner Schürmann

On Constituting Oneself An Anarchistic Subject
Reiner Schürmann

Adventures Of The Double Negation: On Richard Bernstein's Call For Anti-Anti-Humanism
Reiner Schürmann

Concerning Philosophy In The United States
Reiner Schürmann

IDEA #43
Eric Hobsbawm

Eric Hobsbawm

Eric Hobsbawm

IDEA #42
Alexandru Polgár

IDEA #41
Graneliana (Fragments From A Notebook Of Observations, 2006–2009)
Alexandru Polgár

Are You Eastperienced?
Bogdan Ghiu

IDEA #40
For a Critical Theory of Post-communism (ii)
Ovidiu Ţichindeleanu

IDEA #39
For a Critical Theory of Post-Communism
Ovidiu Ţichindeleanu

(arab spring: in passing from riots to revolution)

Letter to the Young Arab Constituents
Bogdan Ghiu

When the “Arab Street" Serves as Model to the North
Georges Corm

Tunisia, Egypt: when an Eastern Wind Sweeps Away the Western Arrogance
Alain Badiou

Egypt’s Unfinished Revolution
Mostafa Omar

The Globalisation of Revolution
Tarak Barkawi

Roots of the Arab Revolts and Premature Celebrations
James Petras

The Arab Revolutions and Campist Politics
Santiago Alba Rico

On the Concatenation in the Arab World
Perry Anderson

IDEA #38
Enclosures and Commons: Yet Again, for New Beginnings
Ovidiu Țichindeleanu

Introduction to the New Enclosures
Midnight Notes

The Reproduction of Labour-power 
in the Global Economy, Marxist Theory 
and the Unfinished Feminist Revolution
Silvia Federici

Feminism and the Politics of the Commons
Silvia Federici

The Future of “the Commons“: Neoliberalism’s “Plan b“
or the Original Disaccumulation of Capital?
George Caffentzis

IDEA #36-37
The Political Economy Of Late-Imperial America
Mike Davis

Planet Of Slums – Urban Involution And The Informal Proletariat
Mike Davis

Fear And Money In Dubai
Mike Davis

A History Of The Car Bomb
Mike Davis

IDEA #35
The Coming Insurrection
The Invisible Committee

IDEA #33-34
decolonial thought

Transition, Decolonial Thoguth and the Critical Theory of Postcommunism
Ovidiu Ţichindeleanu

Coloniality of Power, Eurocentrism, and Latin America
Aníbal Quijano

Coloniality: the darker side of modernity
Walter D. Mignolo

IDEA #32
Break Their Haughty Power: Prefatory Note to Four Essays by Loren Goldner on the World Capitalist Crisis
Alexandru Polgár

Conjuncture: World Capitalism Since the Collapse of the Bretton Woods System [1976]
Loren Goldner

International Liquidity Crisis and Class Struggle – First Approximation [1998]
Loren Goldner

Fictitious Capital, Real Retrogression [2002]
Loren Goldner

The Biggest ’October Surprise’ of All: A World Capitalist Crash [2008]
Loren Goldner

IDEA #30-31
Political Panic
Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe, Jean-Luc Nancy

Who Comes After The Subject?
Gérard Granel