Alexandru Polgár (b. 1976, Satu Mare) has studied philosophy and political science. A founding member and an editor of Philosophy & Stuff (1997-2000), he worked as an editor of the Balkon contemporary art magazine in Cluj (1999-2003), and currently is an editor of IDEA arts + society. He is also a translator of theoretical texts from Hungarian, English and French into Romanian. As an author of contemporary philosophy, he wrote essays such as „Liberal-social-fascism (?)”, „Existence inside a Tank” and „The Communist Remainder”. In 2009, he co-edited with Adrian T. Sîrbu the collective volume Genealogies of Post-Communism. In 2013 he published a first book titled The Difference between Heidegger’s Concept of Market and that of Granel (IDEA publishing) and dedicated to the globalizing essence of capitalism. His second book is in preparation at the same publishing house under the title Politics.